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Anne has been counsellor / trauma psychotherapist for 24 years and

supervisor for 14 years, working with adults, couples and children.  

The aim of Anne's work is to empower others with the tools to make

a healthier life for themselves, using the training that she has

undertaken, the knowledge she has learned and the experiences she

has had, to empower those to be able to process thoughts and feelings

in a more positive way. 

The Psychologist, Carl Jung, came up with the notion of 'Shadow Work'

which is the dark and emotional side of us.  The side that we don't want

to look at, that is the impact of past trauma, core beliefs, the

difficulties we have experienced etc.  Our shadow side can have a

negative impact on us until we start to acknowledge it and work with it.

We learn to develop our self-awareness and self-love, which allows us to

have better relationships, and be compassionate with higher self-esteem.

Anne's focus is very much client-led, using a number of tools and techniques, such as EFT (see the page on EFT), to look at a wide range of issues around trauma, stress, anxiety, phobias, self-esteem, difficult feelings etc.  As young people and adults we carry a lot of our past experiences with us, some of this can be trauma-based, however  big or small, such as being scared of flying or spiders etc.  Anne has extensive knowledge of dealing with historical trauma and here at Anne Therapy Services she can help you to overcome the issues that are still affecting you. She works with children, young people and adults.

She is currently accepting new clients and is offering video sessions via Zoom for all clients.  This way of working has been very positively received by all her clients and enables them to work through the

therapeutic process in the comfort of their own home.  She offers a free initial telephone consultation prior

to any therapy being booked.

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Anne is a Counsellor/Psychotherapist/Supervisor

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